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Título: CIO futures – Lead with effective governance.

In: ICA 36th Conference, Singapore.

Tipo documento: Artigo

Autor(es): BROADBENT, Marianne

Ano: 2002



Government CIOs, especially those with cross-jurisdiction responsibilities, have amongst the most demanding challenges of all executives – in both the private and public sectors. They work in complex environments with multiple stakeholders, often with poor role clarity and an uncertain remit. In many instances, governance, especially IT governance, is not designed to achieve the desirable behaviors sought. But effective governance is a key contributor to successful outcomes, such as innovative services, or greater efficiencies. This is especially the case for major electronically-enabled initiatives. Good governance does not just happen and transformation does not happen without good governance. It needs to be purposefully designed and transparent to nurture necessary trust. This session will focus on the key success factors for effective governance for government, and draw on recent global research completed between MIT Sloan School’s Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) and Gartner’s Executive Programs. The implications for government CIOs will be put in the context of Gartner’s new research work on six CIO imperatives.

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