Título: Uma Nova Gestão para um Novo Estado: Liberal, Social e Republicano.

In: Revista do Serviço Público, Vol. 52, p. 5-24

Tipo documento: Artigo

Autor(es): BRESSER-PEREIRA, Luiz Carlos

Ano: 2001



Since the last quarter of the twentieth century a new, social- liberal and republican state, is replacing the welfare or social-democratic state. It is social because it respects social rights; it is liberal because it depends more on market coordination, and on individual resourcefulness. In this new state we see a new public management substituting classical bureaucratic public administration, where senior civil servants and the agencies they manage are more autonomous and more accountable. Increasingly, services that were directly performed by the state are contracted out with public non state organizations. They conserve their professional character, but as long as they are supposed to take decisions in decentralized agencies, they are required to have republican approach to civil service.

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