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Título: Public Governance in the Netherlands: an alternative to Anglo-American ‘Managerialism’.

In: Public Administration Vol. 75, p. 731–752

Tipo documento: Artigo

Autor(es): KICKERT, Walter J.

Ano: 1997



In this article, this new trend of ‘public managerialism’ will be critically examined. From a theoretical viewpoint the adequacy for the public sector of a businesslike concept of ‘management’ can seriously be criticized. From an empirical viewpoint it is also inadequate as a description of administrative practice. Without denying the budgetary circumstances and the need for ‘effectiveness and efficiency’, the onesidedness of ‘managerialism’ is ill-suited to the public sector. Other politico-administrative responses to these circumstances may be possible and more appropriate. In this article one such possible alternative is theoretically examined and practically illustrated. Although not as elaborate and well developed as the multitude of available ‘managerial’ models, methods and techniques, the alternative ‘public governance’ not only possesses theoretical and analytical cogency but also reflects the practice of administrative developments. The idea and practical impacts are illustrated in case studies of administrative reforms in the Netherlands.

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