ALI; GREEN, 2007

Título: IT Governance Mechanisms in Public Sector Organisations: An Australian Context.

In: Journal of Global Information Management, Vol. 15, Issue 4

Tipo documento: Artigo

Autor(es): ALI, Syaiful; GREEN, Peter

Ano: 2007


Palavras-Chave: IS perfomance; IT governance; IT governance mechanisms; public sector organisations; steering committees

Information technology plays a significant role enabling organisations to achieve their objectives. Accordingly, the governance mechanisms over the organisation’s IT resources must be in place and operating effectively if the organization is to achieve its objectives. The concern with IT governance is not only evident in the private sector but also in the public sector. This study attempts to examine empirically the individual IT governance mechanisms that influence the overall effectiveness of IT governance in Australian public sector organisations. Using sample data from auditors who currently work in Australian public sector organisations, this study examined the influence of four proposed individual IT governance mechanisms on the overall effectiveness of IT governance. This study found significant positive relationships between the existence of an IT strategy committee and corporate (organisational) communication systems, and the overall level of effective IT governance within Australian public sector organisations.

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