Título: Agency Theory: An Assessment and Review.

In: Academy of Management Review, Volume 14

Tipo documento: Artigo

Autor(es): EISENHARDT, Kathleen

Ano: 1989

Local: http://www.toorenburg.net/timbv/Adviesgebieden/outsourcing/principal-agent-theorie/Agency%20Theory,%20An%20Assessment%20Eisenhardt,%20AMR%201989.pdf/at_download/file


Agency theory is an important, yet controversial, theory. This paper reviews agency theory, its contributions to organization theory, and the extant empirical work and develops testable propositions. The conclusions are that agency theory (a) offers unique insight into information systems, outcome uncertainty, incentives, and risk and (b) is an empirically valid perspective, particularly when coupled with complementary perspectives. The principal recommendation is to incorporate an agency perspective in studies of the many problems having a cooperative structure.

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