Título: Analysing the Relationship Between IT Governance and Business/IT Alignment Maturity.

In: 41th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. IEEE Computer Society

Tipo documento: Artigo

Autor(es): DE HAES, Steven; VAN GREMBERGEN, Wim

Ano: 2008



IT governance is one of these concepts that suddenly emerged and became an important issue in the information technology area. Some organisations started with the implementation of IT governance in order to achieve a better alignment between business and IT. This paper interprets important existing theories, models and practices in the IT governance domain and derives research questions from it. Next, multiple research strategies are triangulated in order to understand how organisations are implementing IT governance in practice and to analyse the relationship between these implementations and business/IT alignment. Major finding is that organisations with more mature IT governance practices likely obtain a higher degree of business/IT alignment maturity.

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