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Projeto de apoio a E-Governança


The project aims at promoting the use of ICT tools in municipalities to enhance good governance.

Training modules on e-governance for local decision-makers are being developed and implemented according to a prior assessment of needs and opportunities in the following participating regions:

  • Africa,
  • Latin America and
  • the Caribbean.

This website focuses on the project’s objectives, activities and outcomes in both regions (Africa and Latin America & the Caribbean). It also provides useful information resources on the topic of e-governance, such as online research reports and surveys, as well as links to other projects and important events world-wide.

Click here to read the brochure of the project (only available in Spanish)

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What is e-governance?

e-Governance is the public sector’s use of information and communication technologies with the aim of improving information and service delivery, encouraging citizen participation in the decision-making process and making government more accountable, transparent and effective. For a more complete definition, click here.
Goals of e-governance

  • Improve the internal organisational processes of governments
  • Provide better information and service delivery
  • Increase government transparency in order to reduce corruption
  • Reinforce political credibility and accountability
  • Promote democratic practices through public participation and consultation

Why focus on the municipal level?

Local governments are close to citizens, and constitute for many the main representation of government. The relationship of citizens and local authorities tends to be one based on proximity as the interests at stake for both parties are clearly entwined concerning issues such as public services, urban development, education, public transport, environmental concerns and local politics. It is at the local level that the impact of ICTs on the relationship between governments and citizens can be most effective.